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The emotional and social effects of a pandemic are real, even now with physical distancing measures lightening. This presentation draws upon crisis communication and management strategies, and discusses community grief and the important role of developing new "trust markers" in times of great cultural change


Drawing upon decades of experience on the front-lines of social mission and entrepreneurship, “Unlocking Canadian Social Innovation” was produced for Innovation, Science and Economic Development and submitted to Employment & Social Development Canada: Social Innovation and Social Finance Co-creation Committee Consultation Process. Our efforts helped to fuel the 2018 federal government announcement of $805M toward social innovation across Canada (co-authored).


Visual semiotic in scope, the key argument here is that pictorial displays of emotion are essential to the communication of group identity and the perpetuation of shared cultural memories. Academic articles can be dense and difficult to parse quickly. Video abstracts offer a way to transform a traditionally written abstract into a living testimony of the research and writing process.  

Image by Isaac Smith


The Stories We Don't Tell podcast is produced and hosted by Paul, Stefan, and recent addition, Joey. Each episode features a story workshopped with a writer and the three hosts, and is then told in front of a live audience. Episode 124 has Joey share a story about coming home from abroad during COVID-19 and having to isolate, providing the space and time for reflection. Episode 83 covers the origin story of Joey's time in academia.


Well over a decade later, the photographs from the US-operated Iraqi prison Abu Ghraib have become synonymous with the war on terror for highlighting an unseemly combat culture. This article from the journal Visual Studies focuses on the ongoing functions of these viral photos as objects of cultural memory and also highlights their use as war trophies.


Qualitative and quantitative in development and deployment, this report illustrates the success of this new program. A first of its kind in Ontario, the Ontario Adult Apprenticeship Program (OAAP), offered participants hands-on support with a shared apprenticeship model, drawing upon a consortium of employers from which apprentices could gain a rich skill set (co-authored).



Out of both necessity, and desire for knowledge, Joey has worked as a fruit picker, a fry cook, a prop-maker in film, an owner of a cooperatively run vegan restaurant, and completed a PhD in Communication and Culture (not at the same time, don’t panic). Always asking “why” and “what other contexts are we not considering,” she studies, raises awareness, and writes about social life, responsibility to public suffering, and struggles in modern day communication.